How To Make A Wind Generator From Scrap

Using a few simple tools, you can set up a homemade wind generator. This device will help in reducing your dependence on other energy sources. This in turn means more savings down the line. Required Tools and Materials Treadmill motor Hose clamp Hacksaw 6 bottles (2 liter) 1 inch pipe Scissors Zip ties Metal bicycleContinue reading “How To Make A Wind Generator From Scrap”

Project – Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

172 plastic water bottles went into making this Greenhouse I originally had this idea last November when I was Inspired by an installation at Paignton Zoo. The local school had built a greenhouse there entirely from re-using recycled plastic drinks bottles to show an effective use of one of our most wasteful single use products.Continue reading “Project – Plastic Bottle Greenhouse”

PROJECT -1950s GPlan Coffee Table

Working on this table I look back over the 20 years I had been director of a Waste Management company. Not a job I had picked when I left school, but who really knows what occupation is going to pay the bills when leaving school? i was going to be an Astronaut At school IContinue reading “PROJECT -1950s GPlan Coffee Table”

Project: Sandra’s Table Turns Gypsy

G-Plan turned Gypsy Sandra used to be a Carer, loves chocolate pudding, and regularly visits our shop. She lives around the corner from the shop, beside the church and above the barbers shop, where she has a cosy snug cabin at the end of their garden. In this cabin, they both enjoy their time inContinue reading “Project: Sandra’s Table Turns Gypsy”

PROJECT: Recycled Cat Bed

for anyone with a couple of hours, likes sewing, and who has a cat We love feedback from our followers, and we received this one recently. I thought it was quite an easy one for anyone with a couple of hours, likes sewing, and who has a cat. The credit goes to Steven Bishop forContinue reading “PROJECT: Recycled Cat Bed”

New Recycled Shop Sign

LETTERS DONE! Another Step Closer Using templates made this easier, but it was still difficult work due to the font style ‘Papyrus’ being so complicated (see logo pic at header). There are 8 character letters which were cut and prepared using firstly a course sandpaper then a fine paper after they were painted. We haveContinue reading “New Recycled Shop Sign”

Hannah’s Chistmas Gift Fayre

A Wonderful Day, An Inspiring Place, And Beautiful Gifts Set in 90 acres of lush Devon countryside, Seale-Hayne College is on the outskirts of Newton Abbot where Hannahs provides learning, care, support and real choice to children and adults with a range of disabilities. Hannahs vision is to live in a society where people withContinue reading “Hannah’s Chistmas Gift Fayre”

New Recycled Shop Sign

It really is about time we had a new sign on the shop front this shop sign has to say we are about recycling We have both been looking at the shop branding since we sold off the Recycling Collection Service business last year, this shop has to say we are about recycling i haveContinue reading “New Recycled Shop Sign”

New Bottle Wall Project 2013

When the last storms tore down our old fence panels at home I decided to add something a little different! The boundary fence has an odd section where the garden is terraced to the rising garden. This odd section is about the size of a door, I could have cut a door to fit butContinue reading “New Bottle Wall Project 2013”


Back in 1995 Steve and Joanne Clark started recycling waste from homes and businesses in South Devon. ┬áSome great ideas emerged from reusing these material to make new products and artworks. ┬áPopular items at the time were CD racks, Glass Lanterns, Shelves, Tables, Clocks and Mens Ties. Recycling waste for business became very popular andContinue reading “HOW WE STARTED”