2014: The Year of The Small Trader

I believe this year could be a good year for the small shops, businesses and traders…and i will tell you why strong trends towards quality, individuality and service Supermarkets are the main competitor for any small retailer in the UK as they have diversified into every sector. They rely heavily on volume sales with easilyContinue reading “2014: The Year of The Small Trader”

New Recycled Shop Sign: Finished!

“WOW! What a Difference a Day Makes!” Its amazing what difference a day can make…. I mean once i had spent the last 3 months planning, cutting, planing, sanding, painting, designing and agonising over the details! The preparation and crafting that went into this project was long, but to most people, except my wife andContinue reading “New Recycled Shop Sign: Finished!”


Back in 1995 Steve and Joanne Clark started recycling waste from homes and businesses in South Devon.  Some great ideas emerged from reusing these material to make new products and artworks.  Popular items at the time were CD racks, Glass Lanterns, Shelves, Tables, Clocks and Mens Ties. Recycling waste for business became very popular andContinue reading “HOW WE STARTED”