Wow! 5 Recycled Decor Projects that Burn Bright with Creativity

Impressive Garden Hide-Away A truly beautiful home is organic, inspired with our experiences in life, treasured memories, our own blood sweat and tears. Our busy busy lives: long hard careers, to pay the mortgage, run the car, to feed the family, chase the dream! Let beauty in the simple things give the most pleasure. AContinue reading “Wow! 5 Recycled Decor Projects that Burn Bright with Creativity”

PROJECT -1950s GPlan Coffee Table

Working on this table I look back over the 20 years I had been director of a Waste Management company. Not a job I had picked when I left school, but who really knows what occupation is going to pay the bills when leaving school? i was going to be an Astronaut At school IContinue reading “PROJECT -1950s GPlan Coffee Table”