FINALLY! The Proof That Organic Food is Better For You!

This is great news! But if you already love organic fruit and veg, you probably know this already! A study conducted by an international team of experts at Newcastle University, has proved that organic crops are up to 60% higher in antioxidants compared to non-organic. This proves once and for all that eco-friendly farming reallyContinue reading “FINALLY! The Proof That Organic Food is Better For You!”

New Recycled Shop Sign: Finished!

“WOW! What a Difference a Day Makes!” Its amazing what difference a day can make…. I mean once i had spent the last 3 months planning, cutting, planing, sanding, painting, designing and agonising over the details! The preparation and crafting that went into this project was long, but to most people, except my wife andContinue reading “New Recycled Shop Sign: Finished!”