How To Make A Wind Generator From Scrap

Using a few simple tools, you can set up a homemade wind generator. This device will help in reducing your dependence on other energy sources. This in turn means more savings down the line. Required Tools and Materials Treadmill motor Hose clamp Hacksaw 6 bottles (2 liter) 1 inch pipe Scissors Zip ties Metal bicycleContinue reading “How To Make A Wind Generator From Scrap”

5 Really Useful Things To Make With Pallets

Top 5 Useful Things You Can Make With Recycled Pallets Beginning our promotion on recycling pallets we have picked some great projects for you to make, if your up to it! The event runs throughout July 2014 at our shop in Torquay Devon UK TQ26EL, and will feature all of these items and more, forContinue reading “5 Really Useful Things To Make With Pallets”


Back in 1995 Steve and Joanne Clark started recycling waste from homes and businesses in South Devon. ┬áSome great ideas emerged from reusing these material to make new products and artworks. ┬áPopular items at the time were CD racks, Glass Lanterns, Shelves, Tables, Clocks and Mens Ties. Recycling waste for business became very popular andContinue reading “HOW WE STARTED”