FINALLY! The Proof That Organic Food is Better For You!

This is great news! But if you already love organic fruit and veg, you probably know this already! A study conducted by an international team of experts at Newcastle University, has proved that organic crops are up to 60% higher in antioxidants compared to non-organic. This proves once and for all that eco-friendly farming reallyContinue reading “FINALLY! The Proof That Organic Food is Better For You!”

Why Dont Cyclists Learn To Drive?

Not Cool! Cyclist Cunning Stunt! A York cyclist outraged by the bad behaviour of his fellow bikers has captured their dangerous moves on a head-cam and created a montage of the incidents (see link below) which include this guy removing his jacket whilst cycling! Also featured are jumping red lights, cutting up motorists and usingContinue reading “Why Dont Cyclists Learn To Drive?”

Twitter is like…

Originally posted on Dorkymum | Stories from Tasmania:
I was out for coffee the other day with a non-tweeting friend. “So what’s Twitter actually like?” she asked. I ummed and ahhed, and explained it all very badly, mumbling some fairly dry stuff about retweets and hashtags and follows. She didn’t look convinced. So I’ve been thinking…

2014: The Year of The Small Trader

I believe this year could be a good year for the small shops, businesses and traders…and i will tell you why strong trends towards quality, individuality and service Supermarkets are the main competitor for any small retailer in the UK as they have diversified into every sector. They rely heavily on volume sales with easilyContinue reading “2014: The Year of The Small Trader”