How To Make A Wind Generator From Scrap

Using a few simple tools, you can set up a homemade wind generator. This device will help in reducing your dependence on other energy sources. This in turn means more savings down the line. Required Tools and Materials Treadmill motor Hose clamp Hacksaw 6 bottles (2 liter) 1 inch pipe Scissors Zip ties Metal bicycleContinue reading “How To Make A Wind Generator From Scrap”

FINALLY! The Proof That Organic Food is Better For You!

This is great news! But if you already love organic fruit and veg, you probably know this already! A study conducted by an international team of experts at Newcastle University, has proved that organic crops are up to 60% higher in antioxidants compared to non-organic. This proves once and for all that eco-friendly farming reallyContinue reading “FINALLY! The Proof That Organic Food is Better For You!”

Where Can I Get Cash for My Old Furniture?

Pile Of Junk Furniture by Raumlabor Raumlabor is from Berlin and specialises in large art installations in unusual media. Amazing! Unless you live next door, maybe! It is actually a building enclosure with the door that can just be seen front and centre; look closely! Soooo! It is very possible to recycle any of yourContinue reading “Where Can I Get Cash for My Old Furniture?”

5 Really Useful Things To Make With Pallets

Top 5 Useful Things You Can Make With Recycled Pallets Beginning our promotion on recycling pallets we have picked some great projects for you to make, if your up to it! The event runs throughout July 2014 at our shop in Torquay Devon UK TQ26EL, and will feature all of these items and more, forContinue reading “5 Really Useful Things To Make With Pallets”

Why Dont Cyclists Learn To Drive?

Not Cool! Cyclist Cunning Stunt! A York cyclist outraged by the bad behaviour of his fellow bikers has captured their dangerous moves on a head-cam and created a montage of the incidents (see link below) which include this guy removing his jacket whilst cycling! Also featured are jumping red lights, cutting up motorists and usingContinue reading “Why Dont Cyclists Learn To Drive?”

7 Dirty Secrets of Supermarket Shampoos

Discover natural alternatives for your skincare Itchy Flakey Scalp!? This used to be the addictive catchline of the famously annoying shampoo advert in the 70s -but itchiness can be due to the ingredients rather than the hair type? Here are the dirty secrets on 7 Ingredients you will find in most supermarket shampoos, conditioners andContinue reading “7 Dirty Secrets of Supermarket Shampoos”