Rustic Birdhouse… But What Did It Used2bee?

Say I’m the only bee in your bonnet Make a little birdhouse in your soul

                                                                          -They Might Be Giants 1989




These little tree decorations are all made from recycled materials, but what are the materials?


There are 3 items that go to make up each one


The main body, the roof, and something to hang it up with


There is also a nail perch, but i will give you that!


Ok, so whats your guesses






Here are the Answers….


The main body is made from pallet wood


The roof is made from tin cans

The hanging wire is made from electric cable


Thanks for playing

These are available in our Torquay shop TQ26EL

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Published by used2bee

Former shop owner, hairdresser and BIG recycled Art & Crafts fan. I love retro design, cool modern interiors, quirky handmade craft, breathtaking natural beauty and painstaking detail. These qualities are shown in my blogs and the products i make to sell.

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