Where Can I Get Cash for My Old Furniture?


Pile Of Junk Furniture by Raumlabor

Raumlabor is from Berlin and specialises in large art installations in unusual media. Amazing! Unless you live next door, maybe! It is actually a building enclosure with the door that can just be seen front and centre; look closely!

Soooo! It is very possible to recycle any of your old furniture into something different and useful, but if you really, really, really have to get shot of it then the most obvious thing is to take it to the tip(recycling centre) or give it to charity. WAIT! You can get money for it!!


£10 Trade-in Offered By Our Little Shop!

Yes! We do want some re-usable furniture to upcycle, recycle into something new and we are prepared to give you £10 back on anything you buy in the shop worth £30 and over! You will love what we have done with some of the items bought in so far… Sewing box, record cabinet, lampshade, coffee table (with damaged top), side table (with loose leg) and more. These have been refurbished or repaired or re-used elsewhere and put up for sale again.
Dont be shy, just come in and find out more, have a look around!


Great Upcycled Sewing Box

Theres always eBay I suppose, but who can be bothered with that hastle! Picture, description, fees, fuss, hastle, bad feedback aarrrghh! I always found that Gumtree is a lot better as it is free, just as popular, and more friendly!

There are still good second-hand furniture dealers in most towns, some offer cash on collection, some will sell your items for a commission, usually about 30%-50% of the sale price. Some useful information on this can be found at Answers

Auction Houses can be a great way to sell more valuable pieces, but it is difficult to know what is in current demand unless you do your research. The auctioneers will normally charge a commission too, but this is around 15%, but also you may have to pay a fee if not sold at some so make sure of the terms before you submit your items. More expert advice and insider information can be found at Antiques Trade Gazette

Come in and see us, show us what you have to trade in and you only need to pick £30 worth of lovely things like: gifts, clothing, furniture, soaps, incence, coffee, chocolate, fairtrade craft, rugs, lighting, cards and glassware.

Here are some more pics of some furniture we have upcycled:





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