Project: Recycled Cat Bed

for anyone with a couple of hours, likes sewing,and who has a catrecycled jumper cat bed

We love feedback from our followers, and we received this one today.  I thought it would be an easy one for someone with a couple of hours, likes sewing and who has a cat!  The credit for finding this goes to Steven Bishop who discovered Elizabeths Kitchen Diary, which is a really intelligent site for useful craft ideas and healthy homemade food recipes.

RedChardLoaf1Example of the exquisite food recipes

Elizabeth is a mum, secret wannabee adventurer, scientist in training, RNLI volunteer, craftyer, ex-pat Canadian and quite possibly Britains most northerly food blogger.  Like us she loves cats, has four including Issy (pictured in cat bed), all of which come from the rescue centre.

 izzyElizabeths cat ISSY

Cat baskets are so expensive though arnt they!?  I expect this is what has inspired her to make this comfy cat creation, so if you fancy giving it a try here is the recipe…

Time: 2 hours, including cutting up scraps for stuffing
Sewing ability: minimal!
1 unwanted sweater
2 terry towels or unused dishtowels or bathtowels
scraps or cotton for stuffing

cat bed tutorial

Cut your stuffing fabric into small pieces.

Fold towels so that they are nearly the size you want the base of your pet bed.
Layer with scrap stuffing if required.
Baste the layers together in a rough oval shape.
Turn over the edges towards the inside of the circle and loosely sew in place.
Place inside the body of the jumper.
Sew in place using some thick wool.
Stuff the arms and neck area with scraps or cotton.
Arrange in a circular shape around the base area.
Using a thread and needle, sew into place. If you use a matching thread you don’t have to worry about how perfect your stitches are.
Embellish as desired!

Well, good luck, hope it turned out ok and if you want to show off your work send me a message or feel free to post a pic on our facebook timeline  

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