New Recycled Shop Sign: Finished!

“WOW! What a Difference a Day Makes!”

20131213-185424.jpgIts amazing what difference a day can make…. I mean once i had spent the last 3 months planning, cutting, planing, sanding, painting, designing and agonising over the details!

The preparation and crafting that went into this project was long, but to most people, except my wife and a few friends, it all happened in one day! That day was Thursday 12th December 2013.
We went from an ordinary looking shop that people pass by to one that inspires interest, sparks imagination, and creates excitement. Its best feature for me was Joannes idea: to make the ‘Bee Logo’ wobble in the wind by attaching it to a bed spring!

The morning began when we ripped down the old sign20131213-190828.jpg

“was plain,uninspiring, and almost invisible”

We have been in this shop since 2004: at that time we needed an office as our recycling services business was expanding and we didnt need to court passing trade as customers came to us over the phone. We had a corporate sign: it was simple and boring, so when the business changed last year we quickly drew up plans to re-focus our business on retail and make a dramatic change!
Away with a sign that was plain, uninspiring and almost invisible and in would come one that would inspire, and exite!

The sign is made up of 51 cut planks recycled from old pallets, 9 carved letters and logo recycled from old pine furniture, 8 recycled wire stand-off brackets, and a rusty bedspring.

Once the old sign was ripped down to reveal the Tongue and Groove cladding beneath, it was necessary to gloss the timber to help protect from the harsh south westerly weather. We had to use a quick drying one coat paint to give us more time to complete the job in one day.
Taking a starting point at the joint between the front facia and its return over the door, we worked away from this to the far edges for a balanced appearance. Each plank had to be cut down to 550mm to line up with the window frame, and the bare end sealed with varnish. Each piece has different properties of width, shading and grain, so the overall effect when these are mixed is superb.

Years ago i had recycled some industrial fencing wire that I had now used to make the 8 stand-off brackets, lucky that i had kept it! These had to fit each letter exactly so as to make them appear to float and be resistant to the strong winds. These have been coated with Hammerite to protect against rust.

The overall effect is enhanced now that we have also decorated the outside walls of the shop in a tasty Mint Green. This complements the Chocholate Brown, and Rich Berry colours that we use in our shop to promote the Recycled , Organic, and Fairtrade products in the shop (notice the food related thread there!).

PLEASE COME TO VISIT OUR SHOP and share your views!

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Former shop owner, hairdresser and BIG recycled Art & Crafts fan. I love retro design, cool modern interiors, quirky handmade craft, breathtaking natural beauty and painstaking detail. These qualities are shown in my blogs and the products i make to sell.

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