New Recycled Shop Sign

Will I Get The New Shop Sign Finished By Christmas?

Yesterday, we sorted the christmas tree, put up decorations, stocked christmas displays, and set up sparkly LED low energy lights ready for the start of advent that began today. This included a recycled green christmas tree from St Lukes Hospice charity shop in Torquay, which we are delighted with! The slimline 6ft tree is now decorated with handmade, recycled decorations and also some magical Fairtrade crafts from Indonesia – but more about this later though!

the wood quality is a suprise!

I have been working on the boards that make up the main facia that the lettering is to be mounted on. The boards are recycled from scrap pallets, but contain lots of good grade softwood timber and some hardwoods too!
The wood quality is a surprise and i have noticed whilst preparing and preserving the timber that I do get great results once the roughness is removed. The best final results are going to be from a mixture of the pine softwoods as they have really attractive grain patterns. 20131130-152631.jpg

The current sign is a PVC honeycombe board with vinyl lettering, which was ok when we were into waste management but has got to go now we are focussed on retail. The new sign will consist of 51 made to measure, recycled timber boards. Each board is only 600mm long and they are to set side-by-side to cover a span of 3.5meters above the shopfront section and another 700mm on the return section, above our entrance. There will be a slight gap between each to allow water to drain off, as i want to prevent a build up of moisture where i can.
20131130-150749.jpgSanding the boards smooth

this will say as much about the quality of the products inside!

The 51 boards are all cut and sanded smooth with 180 grade paper then treated with a purple coloured preservative that represents the shops colour for Fairtrade products. Once dried it is finished to 320 grade paper so that when the varnish is applied it will be as smooth as possible to resist the weather. I think its vital to have a very high quality finish as this will say as much about the quality of the products inside!
Treated Boards Drying20131130-151058.jpg

So far i have 33 boards ready to fit, another 10 needing another coat of varnish, but 8 have only the preservative applied. As each board needs at least 3 coats, this is done over 6 days to allow drying time.
Whilst these are drying though, i have been researching a new supplier for the Solar Powered Lighting Display that will be used to light the sign. This is a great opportunity for us to demonstrate a new range of products that we want sell. Recently we have been asked by Boat Owners, Gardeners, and Campers for cheap Solar Lighting Kits who have a need for a quick and easy set up to use away from home. Of course, Solar Power will be free to once you have bought the kit!

Only 24 days to christmas now, So i am realising i am quickly running out of time!

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