Hannah’s Chistmas Gift Fayre


A Wonderful Day, An Inspiring Place, And Beautiful Gifts

Set in 90 acres of lush Devon countryside, Seale-Hayne College is on the outskirts of Newton Abbot where Hannahs provides learning, care, support and real choice to children and adults with a range of disabilities.
Hannahs vision is to live in a society where people with disabilities experience the same opportunities to work, train, learn and live. To fulfil their true potential without judgement or limit: a society where disability is incidental.

The 2 day event captured the spirit of the organisation perfectly, with several stalls proudly manned by their students showcasing their impressive products. Opposite us were students of the Horticultural College Green Woodwork course selling garden related products. These included Log trays, Planters, Birdfeeders, Shelves and Boxes of original design and superb handmade quality.

The event opened from 10am and visitors were welcomed at the entrance by a 20ft recycled metal sculptured Cola Can Christmas Tree- amazing! Through the granite archway into the main square revealed the Main Staging area for live music, Artworks, Bistro Bar and refreshment stalls serving mulled wine, fresh coffee and mince pies.

Each of the buildings off the main square and beyond was host to the 90 stall holders in 20 rooms located around the grounds and a map was provided. This provided an exciting journey around the college and on the way discovering project rooms, Santas grotto, and childrens choir singing christmas carols!

We were located to the north west of the main square in The Chapel, which provided a snug place to find 12 stallholders selling their precious creations. We were showing Upcycled Furniture, Vinyl Record Clocks and various unique Eco gifts. Whilst our neighbours offered jewellery, recycled christmas decorations, beautiful childrens inspired art, amazing mozaics, garden craft products, wood carving, lavender bags and autumn inspired pottery. The great hall held the most sellers, and popular items across the site included Bags, Clothing, Blankets, Sculptures, Recycled Lamps, Housewares, personalised Plaques, Wood Craft Bowls, felt Jackets, and Glassware .

The event lasted until 4pm both days with attendance well over 2500 for the both days. With thanks to the Hannahs Charity for this superb christmas event and special thanks to Susan for her excellent organisation to bring us altogether without a hitch!

A donation was made to the charity from our profits





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