New Bottle Wall Project 2013

When the last storms tore down our old fence panels at home I decided to add something a little different!
The boundary fence has an odd section where the garden is terraced to the rising garden. This odd section is about the size of a door, I could have cut a door to fit but wanted more morning light to the kitchen.
We had already created a bottle wall in the garden with 400 recycled wine bottles and now are creating a variation of this that isn’t quite so dense. Fixing old bed springs recycled from an old mattress to a solid treated frame, we plan to insert the bottles Inside the springs for a totally unique feature.
The first pic shows what we plan to do, and the second shows the space filled with mattress springs ready for the bottle to be fixed in. We have found though that springs and bottle vary slightly in size, so a little adjustment and snipping is required.
I will post later an update when i have filled the spaces with bottles!



Published by used2bee

Former shop owner, hairdresser and BIG recycled Art & Crafts fan. I love retro design, cool modern interiors, quirky handmade craft, breathtaking natural beauty and painstaking detail. These qualities are shown in my blogs and the products i make to sell.

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