Back in 1995 Steve and Joanne Clark started recycling waste from homes and businesses in South Devon.  Some great ideas emerged from reusing these material to make new products and artworks.  Popular items at the time were CD racks, Glass Lanterns, Shelves, Tables, Clocks and Mens Ties.

Recycling waste for business became very popular and our reputation improved with support from Local Council Recycling Officers In Torbay, Teignbridge and South Hams.  Until 2012 we were recycling over 350 Tonnes of Cardboard, Paper and Textiles per year!

This year bought about changes though with Recycling Collections being taken over by our trading partners Coastal Waste in Exeter.  Now we are concentrating on the fun side of the business, recycled Art, Crafts and Giftware.  We have a real passion for Upcycled Furniture,  passing from the recent fad of Shabby Chic to a more designer led 1950s urban furniture.

Used2bee Recycling Shop is at 49 Sherwell Valley Road Torquay Devon TQ26EL

Published by used2bee

Former shop owner, hairdresser and BIG recycled Art & Crafts fan. I love retro design, cool modern interiors, quirky handmade craft, breathtaking natural beauty and painstaking detail. These qualities are shown in my blogs and the products i make to sell.

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